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     Hello! I am Brooke, and this is my blog. I hope that it really represents me and gives you a bit of a feel for who I am as a person and a photographer. I am an on location, natural light photographer. I like to think outside the box to creative shots and non traditional shoots. I don't do cookie cutter. We have a blast shooting this way. There is really not a whole lot to constrain the session (well, not counting weather). The creativity flows!

     I also want to share with you what drives me. I have always taken a lot of photographs, like most people, because I have children. That is how I got started. My cameras have never been put away. We have 3 daughters here on earth, and 2 babies in heaven. It wasn't until our last baby, Vivian Jane, was born sleeping that I wanted to give back with photography. When Vivian was born, we were introduced to the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep organization. The husband and wife team that photographed us walked into our lives briefly in our darkest moment. They gave me the best gift, the gift of a family portrait of all of our kids, my husband and myself. It was a one shot deal, a now or never moment. But really, aren't they all? We don't know how long we will be here. When I got to put those photos up, I felt in some small part that I got to bring her home. Those photos are healing to me. Life is full of precious and fleeting moments. It is an honor as a photographer to be able to capture what is here, now. My wonderful (and patient) mentor and sister-in-law said that photography is a "pay it forward" business. I agree. And I intend fully to pay it forward.

     My girls have been really, really good about letting me run ideas with them. My style of photography is more candid so there is a photo opportunity at every turn. My kids aren't the only ones that have fallen prey to my camera, we have 3 dogs. And one of them literally will turn his back...it just so happens that we have had him the longest. He just knows.

     I have met many wonderful people through this journey. I know I will meet countless more. And I can't wait. I love that I have the opportunity to photograph people in all stages of life. Their story jumps right from the photos that we take. I really like working with people who are creative and artistic. It is like an energy swap and when it is done, the feeling is indescribable. How much fun is it to be me? I know first hand how much I do not like to be in front of the camera. So I try to make everyone as comfortable and relaxed as possible. What a transformation in personality by the end of the shoot. When you can make someone feel good about themselves it's awesome!

     Things about me on a more personal level? I am a christian. I manage to have a LOT of fun. I have incredibly crazy friends (you know who you are) and family that is more like friends than "family" ( you know who YOU are ). I love to cook and love to eat, more. I like to entertain. I consider myself a decent movie buff. I love to read. I really love to travel. We live in Alabama now and can't figure why we didn't live here sooner. Oh, and music is a staple in my house. It's like air. It's not uncommon for my kids to be eating breakfast singing along with Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes or Band of Horses. I do most everything myself, from cutting my hair, to cutting my dogs hair. We do alright. I can be a bit impulsive. If it sounds like a grand idea, I am doing it, right now. And that just about sums it up.

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