Friday, March 30, 2012

[Adrian] Senior 2012

   So almost eight years ago, when my husband was offered a chance to transfer locations for his career, I made a trip to Alabama to see where we would live. During one weeks time, we looked at too many houses to count. What caught my attention though was the river. It seemed like there was water everywhere. I was used to seeing corn or bean fields. Here it was hills, water and a really cool downtown. Downtown Gadsden apparently has been under resurrection for the past several years. I loved the way it felt. I still do. And this morning was just a reminder of how much I like downtown. I started off with coffee and a cupcake (the breakfast of champions) at my favorite coffee house, The Coffee Well. And when my clients arrived we just hung out for a bit getting to know each other before heading out into the beautiful weather. I felt a hint of humidity in the air, a little taste of what is to come. Soon, I won't be out shooting until noon. It will be scorching - and the beautiful makeup applied to my seniors will run off of their faces as soon as they step foot outside. Knowing what is ahead helps to keep me thankful for what is here today.
   I have had two gorgeous and LOVELY girls this week. And to keep it interesting, I have shot in different locations. I am loving how the downtown area comes to life when the weather gets warm. It really opens things up to a whole lot of creativity!
   Here are a few images for a little preview. Enjoy!

Monday, March 26, 2012

[Erin] Senior 2012

   This is the lovely, and super sweet Erin. She is a friend and classmate of another 2012 senior client of mine. I just love referrals! Erin happens to be one of my Senior Reps- which I love! She is absolutely the type of client I want advertising my senior business, and after you see this little sneak peek, you will see why. She is beautiful inside and out! I always have a lot of fun with my clients, and seniors rank right up there at the top!

   We shot in some new places today, and I don't think they could have been better locations. And the weather...gorgeous! Great light all day! I am thrilled to be a part of this day for Erin and her mom. And I can't wait for them to see the rest of the images!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Proper? No silly! It's PRIM!

   Meet little miss Prim - ahem, that is short from Primrose. Normally I name the pets, the kids, other people's pets, etc...but my girls beat me to it this time. And since my oldest is fresh finished with the Hunger Games series, we ended up with Prim, Clove and Glimmer. Primmy is one of three delectable little fat footed pitty babies that my friend Terica and I took in (lol, she took two, we took "Her Primness") to help out a young lady that loved her dogs so much that she was having to do without... and let me mention here, that her dogs were in excellent weight! I admire the fact that she COULD have sold these beautiful little girls, but decided instead that she would turn them over to rescue so that they could be rehomed with people who had wonderful intentions. So my hat is off to her! We are also lining up her other pets to be spayed/neutered. Doing what is best, is never the easiest. And so many take the easy road. She didn't. That is admirable.

   So long story short, instead of all the babies going to foster at Terica's house, my girls twisted (not EVEN lol) my arm to foster Prim. She slept very good last night. And has done wonderful today. So good in fact that she even was able to get in front of my lens :)

Rainy day, but a success! I made two new friends! And three furry ones! Left to right: Glimmer, Prim and Clove.

A little confused and they knocked over the soft sided crate.

This picture does not do Glimmer justice, at all. What a truly lovely girl! A true blue fawn, with a pretty little blue nose! She is going to have a giant head like her daddy. I can't wait to see her grown!

Clove, AKA, Boss Lady. lol. She was definitely big sister!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Sisters Three, part II

   I have had the image in my mind. I have failed over and over again to get it in print. Photographers who have their own children know how hard they are to photograph ... any parent who has a child really, it doesn't have to be your profession. Kids and pets are a lot alike. I can't even sneak away to grab my camera if my dogs are doing something cute. They will either follow me, or act plastic. I think sometimes it is a conspiracy to drive me insane. Now I sound paranoid lol. One time I read somewhere that dogs stay up at night thinking of terrible things to do the next day. I laughed when I read it, then I thought it probably was true. Not so funny when you think of it in that light. And the kids? Oh my gosh. Is it not the finest, thinnest line in the world to walk? You don't want to push it, or there will be tears - on the models side, and the photographers side lol! So these images have been in the making, in my head for a long time. Our walls need updated portraits. And I wanted a BIG one, of all my little chickens together, acting like they like each other. I don't care if it is pretend! As it turned out, there were glimpses of love there. A tremendous amount of time, a cramped up shooting hand (all of my assistants were in front of my camera) and lots of animal shoo-ing later - yeah, the ones that don't want to be in front of the camera - there were there :| we finally got what I have been wanting. And the biggest reward for me? Was when Middle, my biggest critic (bless her heart :) said that her picture really made her want to look at, that there was something about her eyes that made her HAVE to look at it... well what can I say? What she couldn't express in words, that feeling of connection, that is something a (brand new) 11 year old can't articulate. And it is what every photographer shoots for. For someone to feel a deep connection to a photograph. Coming from Middle, well, I don't think there is a higher compliment. And YES, they do look at "likes" on FB. A bit of a smug satisfaction tugs at their smiles when they see who is in the lead lol. I am not so sure I am ever going to post individuals of all three at the same time again. Love my little women!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sisters Three

   Every parent usually has at least ONE child that doesn't love to have their picture taken...sometimes parents have more than one child who shares this attitude. I am one of the latter parents. Biggest is usually the most cooperative of my three. And she was no exception today. Middle is coming around. And Little, well, she agrees only if there is mega bribery, or, I do it on her terms. Today was a "her terms" kind of day.
   We have had unusually warm weather for the whole winter here, with cold snaps here and there. Today was gorgeous. We live on a steep hill. So any wheeled activities are best done on the flat part of the road in front of the house. I got Biggest and Middle to grab a couple of shots ( I am challenging myself to take more photos of my own kids) and Little wanted photos of her on her scooter. What a kid! Love my little sisters :)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I Heart Faces Photo Challenge | B&W

This is my entry for the I Heart Faces challenge. It is my lovely Biggest. As beautiful as she is on the outside, she is so much more on the inside. All honors classes at school, involved in theater, and very kind and compassionate. Such a blessed mom, I am! All of my girls are this way, but as she is the oldest, it amazes me to watch her grow into a young lady.

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