Thursday, September 16, 2010

)cool people make for cool couples(

 I am a little late posting this engagement session. The pretty lady in the photos is the daughter of a sweet friend of mine that is a regular at the HHTC (Happy Hot Tub Club for those of you not in the know). They are just the coolest couple! Very down to earth, and you have to love that they were very generous with their time, considering a big college football game was coming on, and I still had them tied up :) While they were getting ready for our session, her dad had me try a "ghost" chili pepper (which he was eating A LOT of ). Have to say, it was very warm. But this girl is SMART. I just swallowed it. I probably would have died if I had actually chewed it. And it was a tiny little piece!
  Each of the settings in this session has a lot of sentimental meaning to the bride to be. Especially the truck (which was her grandfather's, and he used to take her riding in it). She and the groom to be have loads in common, and are matched quite beautifully. It was a pleasure for me, and I hope it was for them.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Z at home...

  When baby Z was born and I first saw him, his eyes were wide open. I was delighted to see them, and then the realization hit me that his newborn session would be very interesting. LOL. He didn't disappoint. I have to say, he is SO good. And I personally, would rather see his eyes in photos. Needless to say, he was precious and sweet, and awake for most of the session (sleeping great when he was held :) . Can't complain...he didn't cry! So a happy baby is a good baby, whether awake or asleep.
   We ended up going with a more non traditional newborn session. Yes, I had baskets and blankets and hats, and all sorts of other stuff in tow. But we got the sweetest, and genuine photos of this cool little family just doing what they do. In my opinion, this session was a success, and I was so happy to not be tied to the trendy props and ideas. Twenty years from now, I hope this family won't be looking at these portraits and saying to themselves "Why did we ever do that?" So hopefully these will never be outdated, and will be cherished always.
   I might just mention here that I love this family. They have put faith in me to capture their most precious moments, without having anything else to go on. That is huge to me. Can't wait to see more special milestones with Z and his family. I am blessed!

Friday, September 10, 2010

"C's" senior session peak...

I have known this guy for 5 years. He is my best friend's son. And he was super willing to take direction. We had a good time! He is full of all sorts of knowledge, for real. 

I did some of these in vintage, and 70's rock comes to mind. :)

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