Tuesday, August 31, 2010

(And baby makes 3)

  After a long, hard labor and a c-section, baby Z made his big debut. It was an absolute honor, and a humbling one at that. I first photographed the fabulous Mr. Z during his beautiful mama's maternity shoot. And just as I had suspected, he is a very handsome baby. He couldn't help it if he had tried. He was the most wide eyed baby I have ever seen. Even with all the flashes going off from the masses (yes, there were loads of people there to welcome him) he was wide eyed and just took it all in. Which is giving me an inkling as to what I will be up against when we do his newborn shoot lol. And that is ok, because he has lovely eyes.

   It is incredible to witness people go from a "married couple" to a full fledged family in a matter of minutes. To be able to see someones priorities change from self to child in a breath...deeply touching. So WELCOME baby Z! You are LOVED, sir! And congratulations to mom and dad...it was a fight fought well. And the prize is certainly spectacular (and has that nice new baby smell :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mini Sessions...what are they?

   I am totally tickled to be offering a mini session soon. August 28th I will be at Noccalula Falls, in Gadsden Alabama for mini sessions. What are they though? What do they include? My mini sessions are 1/2 hour long, they are a short and sweet, fun little shoot. I will take approximately 30 images (conservative estimate, as I am quite shutter happy) that will be previewed on this blog, and on FB. Then you can order as little or as much as you want. Check out my "Investments" page for pricing and sizes.

    The scheduled times for this mini session are 9:30-11:30 a.m. and 4:00-6:00 p.m.
    $25.00 per child ($15.00 for each additional)
    $50.00 per family

Monday, August 16, 2010

You're a photographer?

  Who would know? If you visit my house, I have loads of photographs everywhere. BUT, the portraits of the girlies are not done by me. I had a little party at my house not too long ago, and someone I didn't know well asked who did the photos of my daughters. Of course they are beautiful, and done by my sister. When I was finished pointing them out, I realized that none of the professionally done portraits were done by me. Lol! I figured that I probably NEED to have some of my own work, in my own house. Granted, I just started this photography trip recently. Sooo, I have been working on three new portraits of my sweet girlfriends. I have two of them (begrudgingly) completed. I only have one more to pin down. Our last portraits were done when we first moved here. I treasure those, because they show my girls so little! And the fact that they were done by my sister is a bonus! Here are the middle and youngest girls...

Friday, August 13, 2010

I can't believe my cousin is a SENIOR already!

  While I was home, I did my cousin's senior photos. I can not believe that she is a senior already. We have lived here in Alabama for the past 5 years. So I missed a big part of her growing up. She is so beautiful. I look at her and know that it won't be long before my girls are getting their senior photos done. It goes by so fast.

finally a moment to catch up...

    I was gone for awhile. My little family unit loaded up and went "home" for a visit. My little family unit going, consisted of one husband (my mancake James), one wife (me!), three daughters (oldest, middle and youngest...in that order), and our three boys (ahem, that would be our three dogs - Angus, Edgar, and Puccini- no aliases...in that order). We all fit nicely in "The White Whale, Moby Dick" as I affectionately call our mini van.  

   We had a busy busy busy trip, and now need a vacation. While we were there, we attended 3 class reunions. They were interesting, and so much fun to catch up. I really hadn't seen anyone that I went to school with since I graduated. I also got to take advantage of all sorts of farm animals, courtesy of my mama. We were able to see brand new baby goats! Two little darling girl babies. Not to mention my sister in law was so gracious as to go ahead and have their first born while we were there too. Not to shabby! He was a BIG boy! And cute as well.

   On our journey home our (beginning to not be so little) family unit consisted of all the previous trip takers, as well as a hitch hiker...the cat. Percival joined us on our trip home, again, courtesy of my mom. And he, like me, has sinus issues. So I have been busy with not only getting my girlies back in school, but playing nurse maid to a very demanding and vocal kitty. I have something filling my days while the kids are slaving away in school. He is way more like a dog than a cat. So here is a little peek at what our trip home looked like. 

Black Standard poodle = Angus
Black and white kitty = Percival
Brunette chic = Me
Goat with brunette = Baby
Goat kids = Bentley and Eva, and their mom
Blue Heeler = Izzy the incredible
Orange and white kitty = Puss
Rhode Island Reds = all roosters, and I call them all Rhodies

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