Session Fees
All session fees are due upon scheduling your session. This will secure your date and time.
Senior ........................ $175 read below to see what is included
BELOVED ...................$100
Pets ...........................  $350 (includes a disc with 20+ images)
Births .......................... Prices vary
Headshots ................ $100 (2 images ~ great for updating your portfolio or marketing - approximately 1 hour)
4x5 ......................$15
5x7 ..................... $20
8x10 ....................$35
11x14 ..................$65 (mounted)
16x20 ..................$125 (mounted)
16x24 ..................$145 (mounted)
20x24 ..................$175 (mounted)

                                           Keep Scrolling Down

Extras and fun stuff!
8 wallets ......................$25
56 wallets .............$85
Invitations and announcements ~ prices vary.
                   price varies by size
~Custom designed press printed albums
                   Starting at $125
~Brag Books 
                    Bound, $45
~Custom designed Mini Books
        Three mini accordion books, with magnetic closures $65
Digital Image file - High resolution - $75 per image.

What is a Session Fee?
   A session fee is simply for my time to shoot your session - however, it doesn't end there. It also covers my time editing your images, uploading a sneak peek, writing a blog post, etc... It also is required to hold your scheduled session time.

What is included in the Senior session fee?
   Seniors are so much fun. It is really where I love to spend my time. And part of what makes your senior session with me so memorable is the experience. My seniors walk away feeling INCREDIBLE about themselves and their shoot. My senior session fee includes a full makeup application from a licensed Makeup Artist. I want YOU to shine through in your images. I do not believe in photoshopping extensively. That isn't what this session is about. It's about you. You are the only you there is. And this is your year. Enjoy getting pampered and knowing that you look amazing, without photoshop. Because of the time it will take for your session with my MUA, please plan on blocking out your day so you can enjoy it and not be rushed. And since you will be feeling and looking awesome already, make plans to finish off your day with something fun, like dinner with you mom or friends!
Hey! What is a BELOVED session?
   Oh, BELOVED sessions make my heart sing.  A BELOVED session is one of a couple. You can be just engaged, dating, married a year, married for 50 years, it doesn't matter. It is a documentation of your true selves, and emotions. It reminds you of your deep love for one another, taking you back to when your love was brand new, and it shows very much in your images. It is not only a joy to be able to bring that adoration and love out for both of you, it is pure bliss for me to be able to capture that. This is one of my favorite sessions, there are no masks, and it is encouraged to wear your heart on your sleeve.

What should I wear?
 I want you to wear something that communicates your style. With that said though, stay away from the following: 
-Neons and flourescent colors, these reflect and give your skin a color cast.
-Graphic designs on your clothing. T-shirts are huge offenders of this.
-I don't shoot my senior girls "sexy". Modesty is key, no clevage or daisy dukes please! This really limits your number of images and poses I can take.. I will not shoot images that are revealing. It seriously makes for YOU to be the star, not your clothing. And this makes your images 100 times better in my opinion. Super cute dresses and outfits don't have to be revealing. Please respect yourself, and me by leaving the sexy at home.

DO wear:
-Clothes that fit properly. You want to be comfortable, not tugging and repositioning your clothes.
-Cute shoes. I have seen otherwise excellent photographs deminished because of bad tennis shoes. I am not talking about a thought out pair of shoes that go with your outfit, but a pair of sneakers that weren't part of the thought process. I am a huge fan of Converse shoes :) Ladies, even if you aren't normally a heel wearer, this is one occassion you can rock a pair of heels. And guys, this might be a great time to make the lady in your life happy to wear a pair of shoes she picked out. I just can't express enough this little detail that often goes overlooked. Shoes can really take away from an otherwise great photo.

How long will this take?
                               I keep my sessions to two hours on average. This is a rough estimate, because a lot things determine the length of the session. Where we are shooting plays a big part. If we have to go to more than one location, that will take more time. It is best if everyones schedule is cleared, and no one is rushing or feeling a time crunch. If you are more relaxed because you aren't watching your clock, it will definately come across in the photos. We will have a great time, and it will go by fast.

What is the process from beginning to end?
 We schedule your session. I will email you prior to the session to confirm our date and time. On the day of the session, before we start shooting, you will pay the session fee, sign any pertinent paperwork, like a contract and a model release. We shoot the session and after it is over we schedule an in person proofing. This is usually a week after the session. At this point, I will have edited your images and put together a gallery for you. You will see the images on a slideshow in person, and place your order then. After that, I put up a gallery for other members of your family who want to purchase any prints. That gallery is left up for 30 days. If the gallery expires, and you would like to re-open it for someone to order from it, it is a $25 re-opening fee. The gallery will then be open for another 30 days and so on and so forth. I will contact you to let you know when your prints are ready to go home with you.
What can I expect to spend?
                                        Typically my clients spend between $500 and $1000 in prints and products.
What about Facebook?
                                         At the beginning of the session, I have you sign a model release form. It simply states that you are ok with me using your images in social media and for marketing material if I so choose to. If you do not sign this, I am not able to put them on Facebook, my blog, or my website. If you sign it, after your order is placed, I gift you three of your favorite images in a low resolution, with my logo on them to use on your facebook or other social media page. I will load them to your page. If you want more of them, they are $25 per image.
What about the weather?
                                       Mostly we shoot outside in the gorgeous light. But what happens if it rains? We reschedule at no charge to you for a day that works best for you.
If you have a question that wasn't addressed above, please don't hesitate to call or email me.

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