Monday, April 30, 2012

Such a mixed bag!

Oh my goodness. I haven't blogged in what seems like an eternity. We have a ton of things going on here in both our day to day family life, to happenings in regards to photography. And all of that leaves me utterly crunched for time. An evening of down time is like a slice of heaven these days!

For years (seriously) I have been convinced that we as a family could live "off the grid". Oh yeah baby. Totally could. But alas, since we never make those critical first steps, we have settled on a garden. Let me tell you. This has been an undertaking! Should it be this way? Probably not. In my head, it should be pretty cut and dry - I mean, not to take it lightly because I know there is more to it than just sticking plants in the ground. However, after prepping our purchased ground ( yeah, that is correct. We had to buy dirt to plant stuff in...just like we had to buy grass because honey had to have a new mower...yet we had insufficient grass, so we had to buy some) we agonized over which plants to put in it. That is a bit dramatic, but almost completely true, at least on my part. Now as it is - 4 tomato plants, 3 pepper plants and an eggplant plant later, one of our tomato plants is wilty :(  I am beside myself. Tomatoes are supposed to be EASY! We have tried them in pots every year we have been here. Every year we get maybe 5...if we are lucky...little tomatoes. Right now, there is an umbrella shading this particular plant. And from the looks of it, the eggplant is going to need one as well. Why?! This honestly shouldn't be so difficult lol. Or upsetting! I will come to grips with it I am sure. But right now I just want to pull my hair out. Everyone else is doing superb. Hopefully those two will pull out of their wilty behavior soon.

Here is an image of my fella prepping our ground lol - I think both of us had grander images in our heads as to what our little patch will look like...

Last night Middle and Little were playing with sidewalk chalk. Middle practically begged me to come and look at how pretty the chalk was all crushed up. And said that I must give her credit for doing if it went online - so MIDDLE did it! I just love the feeling of summer in the air. It is SO refreshing.

And earlier in the month if you recall my last post, CharACTers put on the 100th anniversary show of Titanic the Musical. Now, some of the moms from Dreamcatchers and I decided that we would dress up themed with the show, in hopes that we would sell more raffle tickets. This of course is to raise money to offset the expense of the Disney trip our girls will take in June. The Dreamcatchers have been asked to perform at Disney World. The kids are all tickled. This photo was from the night we dressed up, taken by Biggest. She helped with my hair. Good news is we sold a LOT of tickets! Yay for super cool moms - right Holly and Michelle? ;) Love you ladies!

We are almost ready for Winnie the Pooh to open on May 10th. Set was painted - mostly - at a work day we had with the cast on Saturday. That will be a short show, and a short run, just one weekend. And super cute! We have been busy with rehearsals and whatnot for that.

Last but not least of course, is contemplation of homeschooling my three chickens. I have been praying about it, pounding all the negatives in my head, just so I won't be surprised. I know the positives will outweigh the negatives. But no doubt about the will requires a LOT of sacrifice on my end.

We are almost to the end of school. Summer is upon us. Vacations are creeping around the corner. Senior portrait season is so close I can almost touch it. So what have YOU been up to?

P.S. Spellcheck picked up "wilty" as an error. It appears as though it is not a real word. But you get what I am saying ;) They aren't "wiltED" - not completely, they are "wiltY" - it is almost a state of mind...Now, to put some shade over eggplant!

Monday, April 16, 2012

[Titanic the Musical] 100 year anniversary!

   It amazes me that even 100 years later, a persons story can move you to tears. Multiply that by over 2200 people and it is overwhelming. That is what every person involved in this production of Titanic the Musical has been feeling. It is one of those stories that is a tragedy of course, and it is sad, absolutely. But that is just the "tip of the iceberg" until you delve into their individual stories. I am honored to photogragh this portrayal of the maiden voyage and tragedy of this floating city...especially on the 100th anniversary of it sinking. This is a great cast - as always. Not to mention the lovely costumes and the heartwrenching music. All of that said - what an INCREDIBLE show! It runs one more weekend. So if you are in the area, you won't be disappointed! Come see it!

Monday, April 9, 2012

[Buddha] & My 100th blog post!

   If you read my blog at all, you will know that I volunteer for the Humane Society of Etowah County, from time to time, photographing adoptable pets for their website. I donated a session to their St. Patty's Day fundraiser and Buddha's mom Deborah won the auction for it! It was a great night for the humane society and they raised a lot of money for the animals. Spending a good part of the morning with Deborah, Buddha and Tootsie (the precious rescue Pei) I got to know some really great individuals. It was so nice to meet all of them!

   So meet Buddha, a handsome, hunky fellow - a year old SharPei... He was quite fetching :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

[Randa] Headshots - Gadsden, Alabama

   My girls and I are part of the CharACTers family - a fantastic theater group in this area. We meet so many talented people with each production, and we make fast friends. Randa is one of them. She needed some headshots so we headed downtown. It never gets old shooting there! I have had the pleasure of shooting Randa in all sorts of productions including Sweeney Todd, Beauty and the Beast, and Legally Blonde. I am going to miss her on stage for Titanic (it is the 100th anniversary, can you believe it?!) (also, I just put too many punctuation marks in a row with a parenthesis but I felt that it was warranted lol) but she will be backstage doing a just as important job. Those who help backstage are as vital to the production as those on stage!
   Here is a short preview of our session :) Poor girl, I walked her all over downtown lol.

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