Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Personal [Never ending Newness]

   I love new. Please don't confuse that with being materialistic. There are many things that are new that don't cost a thing, or that other people even want. I find that new is good, often times. Even if it stinks at first. Today is the 4th! That isn't new at all, but it is a day that I am reflecting on my many blessings, a lot of them new.

   We are embarking on a lot of new things this summer. One of them being homeschooling. I am grateful for what they have been taught (academically) in school so far. But I feel like even though I will be sacrificing personal time (and it has been hard fought for), my girls can be blessed by learning at home. I know I will be. I am a huge supporter of giving your kids wings...I am also a hugely impatient person some days. Some days I want those wings sooner rather than later. I won't lie, lol. My job is HARD (mothering) and it isn't something that I excel at most days. Not that I am a bad mom, no, not at all. But I am being real here. There are days I just don't want to do it. I don't want to hear MOM - she did this or that, not one more time. In the long run though, I know those days of them being at home are short. I know there will be times they won't want to tell me anything. I am glad they like me, even though I am not their friend first. We are buddies, but know I am mom above everything else. They know I take this job seriously (maybe too seriously). They respect that. This is going to be an adventure.

   On the business front, I am still finding new things out about me on a daily basis. Funny thing is, it spills over into my personal life. The more I shoot the more I showcase what I like. I love it. There are new ideas being implemented at the moment. A wicked cool website is being built. My brand is being born. All of this is makes my adrenaline pump. To know that what I try to convey in my photography is actually being understood means I am doing my job! And well! Tailoring my business to not only take my clients to new heights emotionally, but branching out into new types of photography, with digital as well as film - taking these new clients into the directions they want to go with their business. To be able to reach the places you want to go, using photography as that vehicle is incredible to me. I can't get there, or take my clients there without God. Make no mistake about it. He is who gives me the ability and the drive to go further.

   I am so humbled by those who have fought for my freedoms, so thankful. Everyday. I know that there may come a day that I won't have the freedom to mention God. To school my kids the way I want. To have my own business. To be able to any of the things I enjoy right now. I hope I never see it, but it could happen. Thank you, each and every service person. Thank you to all the ones who went before, to all who will serve in the future. Thank you so much to your families for sacrificing their time with you, so you can serve our country. May you be safe and blessed beyond measure for your selflessness. And happy birthday America!

   I will leave you with this. This is my grandpa. One of the best buddies I ever had. He served in WWII for many years. Love you and miss you!

   Handsome devil, wasn't he? And totally digging the photography!

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