Monday, July 2, 2012

[WARNING] Cuteness + Credit Cards!

   I am ... a dinosaur. It is true. As well as, I might add, a renowned system bucker and nose thumber. But alas, kicking and screaming I have been pulled into a realm of technology that I have never gone before by none other than JAMES. It's true! My husband who is even more technologically challenged than myself has convinced me that we need new phones - ones that do everything you can think of - for our own good, for MY good, for our kids' good and simply so that he is no longer hindered by not knowing anything about things like this. An arguement hard fought, and consequently won. Well played, James. Well played. With help - and I do mean a LOT of help - from dear friends we have made our choices and our diabolical devices are on their way. Seriously folks, this kind of stuff in my hands sort of makes me feel like I really could take over the world.
   This new gadget means I am now able to take credit cards. Yes, all of my clients who agonize over which images to choose and which ones will just have to be passed over because I only accept cash and checks can now have the option of using their cards. It is a small step for most people, but a giant leap for Brooke Bikneris Photography. I hope that my clients love this option! One thing I know for sure is the convenience is fabulous. And who doesn't like convenience?
    So from now on, when things like THIS pop up on your newsfeed (BBP stuff IS popping up on your newsfeed, right? If not, be sure to go and like a few things so you keep on getting this awesomeness on your page!) you can go ahead and book something! No worries!

   OR, when you are thinking of something PRICELESS to get your wife or mom (like, the best gift ever) and something like this comes across your newsfeed - you can get it! Gifts like these are always perfect. Always! What mom wouldn't love pictures of her kids? Grandma's too, for that matter - they always are dropping hints about having pictures of the grandkids. Always a perfect fit, and never goes out of style.

   I am just thankful that I am blessed to be doing what I love doing, and having the resources to make it an even better experience for my clients.

   Be on the lookout for some really cool things coming from BBP. There is going to be a celebration, and there is going to be BIG NEWS. I can't share it with you yet, but soon!


      Brooke :)

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