Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Indiana - part 2 (other shenanigans)

   Recently I posted on my niece graduating, and her mini session. This is the follow up to that, the rest of the story. Lots of nonsense (just the way I like it) happens when we go "home" for a visit. I have such a great time with my family, and always miss them like crazy when I leave. I am blessed to have family that are like friends, and friends that are like family. My "in-laws" are like blood - never had any sisters until I met James, and now I have 3. Love them dearly! My mamma is my best friend, my dad is too precious for words, my aunt Sue is hilarious, for one, and irreplaceable for two. My cousins are wonderful (and doesn't hurt that I no longer get the bad looks when I am horrid at volleyball)... they are all grown up! It is weird to go home and see that everyone is getting older, and yet I stay the same age... must be that Bama water ;) My family loves bad pictures (and by that I mean my aunt and her brood). I have claimed my spot on the fridge, and that awful/terribly funny picture has been there for 8 years. I feel so loved and special. We all delight in the awkward picture. They make us laugh until we cry. That is how my family rolls. And we are just fine with it.

 *Side note - I do NOT do this to my clients. Seriously. lol*

   I am blessed to have a dad that has a passion for music. I was like 1 foot away from him clicking away and he didn't even know I was there because he was so into what he was playing. It is good for someone like me to see someone have such gusto for what they are doing. I absolutely adore watching people do what they are passionate about. Watching them just come to life when they talk about it. I have never really taken the time to document my poppy doing what he loves. We never know if we have tomorrow. I am so happy that I took the time. I will cherish these images forever.

My nieces and cousin and Biggest :) This was VERY impromptu - enforced by my mamma lol.

My mamma and Biggest planking in the middle of the road? Yeah, they are. Gramma wasn't doing it right at first, and didn't quite nail it in the second one either lol. Love her! Biggest is hard core.

   We went to an organic farm that is owned by two very cool people. It was awful weather and so we didn't get the chance to really explore it. Definitely will have to go back again! All of their livestock are heritage breeds as well.

   Baby body surfing! New turkey poults.

Irish Dexter cattle - absolutely COOL - they are little!

Minus the weird weather (go figure, Indiana weather is always changing) we had a great time. Made some great memories and got to spend time with people who matter the most. Now we are able to officially start the summer break. And that means lots of good food (our garden is kicking out lots of veggies) and drive in movies! Hooray for summer!

   Brooke :)

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